Explore the Beautiful Marine Life of Thailand on Koh Tao

April 5, 2020
La Vida Resort Samui

Are you a diver and you’re looking for a great diving destination in Thailand? Or are you itching to try diving? Whether you’re new to diving or not, one of the best places to explore the underwater in Thailand is in Koh Tao.

Surrounded by reefs and shallow bays, Koh Tao is an island in Koh Samui that is known for its beautiful diving spots. Divers come up from the water with fascinating stories to tell—from seeing sharks to turtles, Koh Tao is rich in life underwater.

When Is the Best Time to Go Diving?

The best time to go diving in Koh Tao is between July and August. These months are when the water is at its most comfortable level and visibility. However, if you come to Koh Tao during November and December, you might not have the most comfortable time scuba diving because it’s the monsoon season with turbulent water and slightly poor visibility.

Even so, if you come to Koh Tao during the monsoon season, you can still practice your scuba diving skills and explore the underwater in some of the sheltered bays. By mid-February to March, the water will be warmer. However, this may not be the best time for scuba diving because of the influx of tourists.

Where Are the Best Diving Sites?

There are plenty of diving sites in Koh Tao that you can go to. Here are some of them:

Twins – Off the coast of Koh Nang Yuan, this diving site is perfect for new divers because of its shallow depth. Don’t miss the rare saddleback clownfish inside an anemone when you’re here.
White Rock – This is a huge site that provides a sample of Koh Tao’s marine life. It is the spot for dive 4 of Open Water course.
Shark Island – The island is known for the diversity of coral and unique soft corals that you won’t see elsewhere on Koh Tao.
HTMS Sattakut – If you wish to dive into a shipwreck, then this is the diving site for you. The shipwreck is a former US Navy Ship that sunk in June 2011. However, this is for advanced open water divers because the wreck begins at about 18m.

Why Is It Great for PADI?

It is known that most of the diver certifications worldwide come from Koh Tao. This is why a lot of people who want to try out diving visit the island every year. With the abundance of corals and fish as well as the shallow bays, the island is perfect for new and experienced divers. There is always room for any diver on Koh Tao, which makes it one of the best diving spots in Thailand, and even, in the whole world.


Get your diving gear on and explore the beautiful marine life of Southeast Asia. Koh Tao offers one of the best diving experiences in Thailand that you shouldn’t miss. The island has plenty of diving sites to cater to all levels of expertise from newbies to advanced. There is a place for you on Koh Tao.

While you’re on the island, make sure that you have good accommodation where you can rest after a whole day of diving. Check out La Vida Samui, we’re rated as one of the best resorts in Koh Samui.