3 Fun Activities to Do in Koh Samui During the Rainy Season

March 29, 2020
La Vida Resort Samui

Many people who take a getaway trip to Koh Samui, Thailand, expect to experience a sun-soaked, tropical paradise all-year-round. After all, one of the primary reasons to visit Koh Samui is to have some fun under the sun and take on nature-driven adventures for the rest of your stay. With that in mind, when rain hits your day out of the blue, it may seem like a disaster to your summer plans.

While the initial reaction is to hide in the comforts of your beach-inspired resort, there’s no reason to dampen your mood as there are many ways to make the most of what Koh Samui has to offer even when the weather is raining cats and dogs. To that end, the list below explores some activities that you can enjoy even when rain falls on paradise:

Tip #1: Embrace the Relaxing Weather and Indulge in a Spa/Massage Treatment

Koh Samui has different forms of entertainment, which means that you don’t always have to engage in heart-thumping adventures to appreciate the unique culture and postcard-perfect landscapes of the island.

With that in mind, why not embrace the comfort that rain typically brings by indulging in a spa or massage treatment? The wellness industry in Koh Samui is well-loved for its relaxing Thai massages, but the island itself is a go-to destination for recharging your mind, body, and soul.

If you’re looking to experience traditional massage treatments and stress-busting secrets, Koh Samui is the place to find them.

Tip #2: Taste the Culture by Joining Thai Cooking Classes

If you can’t dip your toes at Koh Samui’s popular beach towns, you can still satisfy your cravings for a unique experience by indulging in gastronomic adventures through Thai cooking classes. The flavors, fragrances, and textures of Thailand are a hodgepodge of diverse cultures and spices, making their staple dishes one of the tastiest delights you can’t miss out on your trip.

With that in mind, you can elevate the experience by joining one of many cooking classes in Koh Samui, wherein you can get to know fresh ingredients and learn the magic behind Thailand’s favorite dishes.

Tip #3: Roam Around the Central Festival

Beach towns, caves, and hopping islands are not the only activities worth trying in Koh Samui. If you want to experience a slice of local life, shopping, and dining at the Central Festival, offer a new angle.

Set on the east coast of the resort town and a walking distance away from Chaweng Beach, this three-floor mall offers a hub of entertainment under one roof – from fashion outlets, playgrounds, arcades, bars, restaurants, and more. Once the skies clear up, you can go ahead and take a stroll off to Chaweng Beach, where palm trees and powdery sands stretch for miles on end.

Conclusion: The Rain Doesn’t Stop the Fun in Koh Samui

The suggestions above are just some unique ways to enjoy Koh Samui differently, so don’t let the weather rain down on your parade in your trip to the Land of Smiles. After spending a day indulging in unique activities to beat the rain, you can make the most of your private time at a beachfront villa like La Vida Samui.

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