9 Beaches In Koh Samui That Are Must Visits – Our Guide

December 16, 2019
La Vida Resort Samui

Koh Samui is gaining recognition from tourists around the world because of its over 40 beaches, bays, and inlets that are ideal for a relaxing getaway. These hidden natural wonders also turn from a serene setting in the morning to locations for dancing at moon parties at night.

Here are nine beaches that travelers must experience in Thailand’s second-largest island.

1. Chaweng Beach

The most popular beach on the island has a five-kilometer shore with fine white sand. It is a huge factor in Koh Samui’s emerging tourism and commerce because of the bars and restaurants nearby. Chaweng’s captivating clean waters are also perfect for swimming or water sports like snorkeling or jet skiing.

2. Silver Beach

Though this beach in the eastern section of the island is harder to reach, it’s worth the visit because of its tranquil setting. You can bond with tiny fishes that navigate the shores through swimming or snorkeling. Meanwhile, nearby restaurants will help you satisfy your hunger.

3. Choeng Mon Beach

If you seek a laid back atmosphere with fewer crowds, Choeng Mon Beach is perfect because it still has pristine waters and white sand. The beach is less windy, which is more suitable for children, and the quiet location motivates you to meditate while soaking under the sunlight.

4. Maenam Beach

Backpackers love this well-known Koh Samui beach because it provides captivating views of Koh Phangan. This peaceful haven is unique because of its yellowish sand, while its deserted stretches are appropriate for those who want to get away from the maddening crowd in the city. Accommodation is not a problem because you can find affordable beach huts and luxurious resorts at Maenam.

5. Lamai Beach

The second most popular beach on the island is like a reflection of Chaweng. Its long stretches of water are ideal for water sports and swimming while the land near the shore features stunning granite boulder rocks. The most popular of these natural sculptures are Hin Ta and Hin Yai, depicting the reproductive organs for both men and women. While Lamai exudes a quieter atmosphere than Chaweng, however, it still houses restaurants and clubs that a growing number of tourists praise.

6. Lipa Noi Beach

Lipa Noi is the best Koh Samui beach for kids because it is devoid of sharp rocks or corals. This beach towards the southern coastline has waters as shallow as 100 meters. Likewise, its proximity to the ferry pier makes it an obvious stop for anyone visiting the island.

7. Coral Cove Beach

This tropical paradise between Lamai and Chaweng is a treat for the eyes, especially for families. While it is an ideal destination for swimming or snorkeling, however, accommodation at this place is not as plenty as other nearby beaches. Beach-side cottages and a few bungalows are the only places for staying in Coral Cove.

8. Bophut Beach

This three-kilometer beach at the northern part of Koh Samui features yellowish sand that tourists want to experience. It is also the perfect location for water sports like flyboarding and jet skiing. Bophut is home to Fisherman’s Village, which offers unique boutique shopping and night markets that offer authentic Thai food and affordable souvenirs.

9. Taling Ngam Beach

The most scenic beach on the island overlooks Angthong Marine National Park while its lush jungles offer perfect contrast with the ocean. Taling Ngam is the best beach to catch the sunset because this secluded lagoon is on the western section of Koh Samui. This location is also widely talked about among backpackers due to the abundance of cheap accommodations.

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